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  • Where Jada will be performing!

    Be sure to check back often to see Jada's updated event list! New events are always being added. See you soon!

    Auguest 29, 6-9:00pm
    Old Yale Brewing, Chilliwack

    Auguest 23, 2-3:30pm
    Vedder Trail Artwalk, Chilliwack

    Auguest 22, 8:00pm
    Field Day Fest

    Jam in Jubilee - June 25, 7:00pm
    Live on Facebook & Instagram

    Artists for Nova Scotia Fundraiser - May 17, 3:00pm
    Live on Facebook & Instagram

    Back Porch Music Series - May 9, 7-8:00pm
    Old Yale Brewing, Chilliwack, Live on Facebook

    Artists for Nova Scotia Fundraiser - May 8, 6:00pm
    Live on Facebook & Instagram

    Trees Organic Coffee - April 3, 8-10pm

    Railway Stage and Beer Cafe - March 26, 8pm

    Old Yale Brewing - March 21, 7-10pm

    Farm Country Brewing - March 12, 7-10pm

    S+L Kitchen & Bar - December 18, 6-9pm

    S+L Kitchen & Bar - December 4, 6-9pm